In talks with Joachim Stoss, Managing Director

Edgetech Europe GmbH. will be exhibiting its latest products at the Windows Doors and Facades Event 2019. We spoke to the company's Managing Director, Joachim Stoss; here's what he told us as he prepares to participate in the largest dedicated platform for the windows, doors and facades industry in the Middle East.

Joachim Stoss
Joachim Stoss

What products will you be showcasing at the event?

Quanex´s flexible, foam-based spacer system Super Spacer® will be showcased at the event. It is one of the spacers with the best energy efficiency on the market and was introduced in 1989 as the world’s first metal-free warm edge spacer system. Super Spacer® already offered the option of thermally optimizing edge seals even before the era of Low-E thermal insulating glazing had commenced. We thus proudly view ourselves as pioneers of the warm edge. Quanex celebrates its 30th Super Spacer® anniversary this year.
The Super Spacer® warm edge spacer systems reduce external energy loss to a great extent, largely prevent the formation of condensation and also contribute towards the extended service life of a window. Worldwide, more than 300 million meters of Super Spacer® warm edge spacer are sold annually in over 90 countries, with widely varying climate zones. Whether the building is situated in the Arctic or in the middle of the Sahara Desert, Super Spacer® can be used. In winter, Super Spacer® ensures even temperature distribution over the entire glass surface and retains heat inside the house. In summer, it reduces heat transfer at the edge of windows and holds fresh air inside the building. Due to the flexible material, Super Spacer® is freely formable, adaptable in aesthetics and suitable for both manual and automated manufacturing processes.

What value do these products bring to the Gulf construction industry?

Quanex´s Super Spacer® has been used, for example, for the construction of Zaha Hadid's "The Opus" which is a masterpiece of technique from every point of view. A lot of data had to be evaluated such as the curvature and thickness of the glass affecting the bending stiffness and the thermal stresses imposed by the sun, the maximum energy absorption, the minimum radius of curvature and the maximum curvature angles of each glass sheet had to be calculated.
Super Spacer® is ideal for the Gulf construction industry because in a particularly hot climate, a warm edge must have exceptional performance and must keep them for decades to seal the space between the glass panels. The thermal interaction between the zones heated by the sun and those in the shade, generates permanently strong mechanical stresses on the compound of the edge via the movement of the glazing. The hot climate in Dubai imposes many technical requirements and Super Spacer® fulfills them all.


Your outlook on the Gulf construction industry:
​Why is it important for you to do business in the region?

The Gulf region is booming and is very demanding about the various construction projects that are being carried out. For this reason, any component used in a building construction must fulfill the Gulf construction requirements and Quanex´s Super Spacer® has passed a battery of tests that makes it ideal for the region.
Super Spacer® was the world's first spacer system made of flexible structural foam with integrated desiccant. With results far beyond expectations, Super Spacer® surpasses and resists to all the tests that have been imposed on it. For example, in a hurricane simulator Super Spacer® TriSealTM resists without problem at a wind speed of 350km/h. It is certified by the Passivhaus Institute (Passive House) in Darmstadt, for edge strength and is certified for the Arctic climate as well as for all other climatic zones. Super Spacer® is certified for the first time with the RAL quality label. This proves that the product has been tested from every angle and meets the highest quality requirements. All these technical feats demonstrate the energy efficiency of Quanex´s Super Spacer® and its legitimacy to be used in prestigious construction projects of great size such as the Opus and the Museum of the Future.

What is unique about the Gulf industry compared to other regions?

The Gulf industry region has a construction sector in a very dynamic progression driven by the preparation of major projects such as Expo 2020 and the construction of Al Maktoum International Airport. In addition the region is very concerned about energy consumption. Indeed, the key word would be intensive recycling and an ecological architecture conception to reduce energy requirements as much as possible.
In general, we expect the demand for energy-efficient construction products to increase worldwide. A passive house is impossible to realize without a warm edge spacer. As Super Spacer® is the warm edge for greater energy efficiency in building, the Gulf industry is a region which can be interested in this product.

Is there something you are looking forward to in the pipeline?

We are very proud to have the honor to be part of the construction of the Museum of the Future. It is really exciting to see the work progress on such a prestigious building. Currently under construction in Dubai, according to many experts the Museum of the Future is the most complex building in the world. The toroidal building with its central opening was designed by Shaun Killa of Killa Design. The three-dimensional shape represents in every respect an architectural challenge never realized before, therefore there are no valid norms or standards. It was necessary to design materials that could go beyond technological limits. Starting with fire protection, there is no standard, which is why AFFAN has designed a special ultralight composite material for the outer shell that has passed all fire protection tests with flying colors. After a series of tests the Museum of the Future established new references at all levels brilliantly. Super Spacer® was chosen for the overall construction of the glass facade because this discreet element became indispensable for its realization. 


Finally, how will it benefit customers to see you at the event?

Our presence at the event allows us to make contacts with new clients and to talk about our products to all the customers present at the event. We explain the advantages of Super Spacer® to all the segments of the industry for example to glass processors who take the safe option at any rate when they recommend, without exception, insulated windows with Super Spacer® warm edge spacer systems to their customers. Companies want to hear how such a small component can make such a big difference to the over-all thermal performance of a window, as well as improve productivity in their factory- whether the spacer is applied with manual, semi-automated, or fully-automated machinery. The Super Spacer® product line can be integrated into every production line, regardless of production specifications. Depending on the quantity of units required, the production can be manual, semi-automated and fully automated. Which means that Super Spacer® is a product that could interest all industry’s players.

What was the best part about your time at the event last year?

The exchanges that we had with the architects as well as with the insulating glass manufacturers were in my opinion the best parts about our experience last year. Thanks to the event we reached our targets and we were able to inform them about the latest possibilities and advantages that Super Spacer® offers. Many architects were impressed about the new conception possibilities which were totally impossible 10 years ago. Concerning the insulating glass manufactures they were really interested about the advantages of the processes of production which can be manual, semi-automated and fully automated depending on the output quantity.

Why did you choose to participate again for the event this year?

We like to participate every year at the event because it is a perfect occasion to meet up with all the industry’s players. There is a real exchange between the exhibitors and the customers who are really interested about the different innovations present on the event. It is also a perfect occasion to network and therefore speak with futures partners and insulating glass manufacturers.

What do you most look forward at the event this year?

It is really important for us to meet up with our present and future clients, partners and manufacturers during the event. It is the perfect time to show that Quanex is present and that we offer real support and possibilities to our partners and architects.

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Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with locations around the world, Quanex Building Products Corporation is an industry-leading manufacturer of components sold to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the building products industry. Quanex designs and produces energy-efficient fenestration products in addition to kitchen and bath cabinet components.

Meet with Edgetech Europe GmbH. at Windows, Doors & Facades Event 2019 - Location: Rashid Hall, Stand B235.

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