Steel Color launch its new products at The Big 5 exhibition in Dubai. 

The company offers the widest range of finishes of the worldwide market.

The Big 5 will be a good place to meet important contacts and create new business opportunities for the projects that are going to be developed for Expo 2020 international event, as Steel Color operates in every field where stainless steel is used: from architecture to construction, from lift industry to interior/urban design, from automotive to marine industry, defining the highest quality standards for the market.  

Steel Color, strong for offering a premium quality material and following the construction evolution of the next years, can provide innovative solutions ideal for MENA region and all over the world.

A lot of important projects have been realized by Steel Color, and they are used as references of inalterability of its materials and high resistance to corrosion: for example, the Gold Fish of Barcelona realized in 1991 is still in the same conditions.

Wembley Stadium, Westfield in Australia, Cuatro Torres Business Area (CTBA) and Cristalia in Spain, the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the Metro stations in Italy, Home Arts Center in Manchester and KAFD, a 60.000 m2 façade project in Riyadh had been realized with Steel Color materials.

As for the interior, the most important luxury brands use Steel Color materials for their shops, so as the most important elevator companies in the world have chosen Steel Color as a partner for their projects.

With over 37 years of experience, Steel Color can completely satisfy the market requirements due to its particular attention to the customers, the quality of its production, its orientation to product, innovation technologies and low environmental impact.

Steel Color always was and remains a stainless steel surface manufacturer distinguished for the superior quality and high aesthetic standards of its own production, efficiency and reliability; this is the big challenge, to remain and become the ideal partner for our customers.

Steel Color is going to exhibit a huge variety of surface metal finishes: electro-colored, PVD coated , embossed, etched, and is going to show how these finishes could be combined to create innovative and creative effects.

Besides, Steel Color has recently launched a new finish called Waves, a 3D design pattern that can be processed on all its product range and that is surely going to be appreciated by architects and designers, being an outstanding option for exterior and interior applications.

Waves represents a 3D-designed stainless steel sheet with undulating pattern that allows designers and architects to create indoor and outdoor spaces transmitting a smooth wavelike motion. “Waves“ is an excellent product for creative, innovative and original projects.

Steel Color regularly takes part in the development  of sustainable projects for urban spaces. We collaborate with architects and designers in order to create a functional atmosphere in urban spaces where people live and work. Steel Color gives its best to make its material suitable for every single project, and according to the new market trends. In fact, stainless steel is 100% recyclable and does not pollute the environment; it is also used in all applications in which hygiene and easy cleaning is required.

SteelColor brings benefit to the planet by its activity. Its coloration processes respect modern and safe modes of applying colors to the steel surfaces without using  any chemical paint. Colored stainless steel material has a very long life cycle, resistant to corrosion if properly employed. The correct employment of the material could be favorable for the energy saving strategies – reducing heat transfer to the indoor space, providing shade on the building, reducing the heat gain etc.

SteelColor believes in sustainable development and promotes a company’s responsibility to the environment. Its smart coloring techniques are able to increase stainless steel environmental resistance to corrosion being exposed to heat and humidity for a long period, maintaining its initial aesthetical beauty and shape.

Having a long life cycle, this material ensures an excellent investment into the future, and even at the end of the life cycle Steel Color material is easily recyclable in a self-sustainable process without any loss. Steel Color stainless steel will provide a possibility to increase innovation and quality of the design and construction process.

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