In talks with Alex Lubbock, Head of Digital Construction Infrastructure and Projects Authority, UK

Alex Lubbock
Alex Lubbock

Alex Lubbock will be speaking at The Big 5 this November. He shared with us some insight on the past and present of digital construction. Alex is the Head of Digital Construction Infrastructure and Projects Authority, UK and will be addressing a keynote on Transforming Infrastructure Performance at the Future Tech Construction Summit.

How has digital construction evolved over the past decade?

Digital construction has come on leaps and bounds over the past decade. Today it is synonymous with improved productivity and is recognized as a critical lever in the transformation of construction to a high performing sector of our economy.

In your opinion how do companies embrace transformational technology sustainably?

It continues to be challenging for established organisations to change structure and culture to adopt technology at scale and sustainably. However, with the right vision and leadership, it is fast becoming mission critical for organisations. 
The government alone has a projected pipeline of infrastructure and construction projects totaling £600 bn over the next 10 years, which should give the market confidence to invest in the necessary skills and technology required. 

Can you provide insights on UK’s policies related to the use of technology in construction?

The government is taking a leading role in global policy development of technology in construction. In particular, our BIM mandate has had a catalytic effect on technology and drive for greater productivity in the sector. 
We also led the way in transforming infrastructure performance at the last Budget, when we announced that by 2019 we would be moving to a presumption in favour of manufacturing construction. We are also backing industry with £170m investment, through the UK Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, so we can transform construction through digital and manufacturing technologies. 

What will be the key takeaways for the audience attending your talk?

For Technology to be a true enabler of productivity and growth in the sector, the ambition and application of that technology needs to be met with leadership, a commercial strategy that supports it, but most importantly a culture that can foster the skills and innovative opportunities that technology presents.

About Alex Lubbock

Alex joined the Cabinet Office in summer 2016 as Head of Digital Construction. Working with departments on embedding BIM Level 2 and laying the ground work for further digital adoption across the public sector.

You can hear more from Alex Lubbock on Transforming Infrastructure Performance at the Future Tech Construction Summit on 26th November, 13:20 - 13:50.