In talks with Constance Kabban, Managing Director Gebracon Consulting, Design & Build

Constance Kabban
Constance Kabban

Constance Kabban will be speaking at the Design Talks during The Big 5 in November. Constance is the Managing Director at Gebracon Consulting, Design & Build and will be speaking on "How do Interior Designers impact on the sustainability of an environment?".

How do you see sustainable interior design gain popularity in the next few years?

Sustainable interior design is not gaining popularity as much as it is a requirement at the moment in order to keep up with the consumer’s demands without furthermore harming our environment.

Why are sustainable designs important and what steps are being taken to implement them on a mass level?

As climate change is becoming a pressing concern, so does the need to create sustainable buildings and designs that offer minimal environment impact.
Energy efficiency, recycling, reusing, water management and keeping the natural surroundings are few steps that are being implemented worldwide.

In your opinion what is the Importance of choosing the right materials and products for sustainable interior design?

Choosing the right material such as double glazed windows, recycling, reducing greenhouse gas emission by installing energy efficient water systems and air conditioning, will lower our carbon footprint and our impact on the future generations.

What will be the key takeaway by the audience attending your talk?

I’m hoping to influence the attendees on the importance of sustainability not for its trend but for the effect of our architectural and interior design on the globe.

About Constance Kabban -

Constance is the founder of Gebracon Interior Design. She began her career with a passion for excellence in the hospitality industry.
Having worked for the largest hotel groups in the Middle East for 15 years, she learned how the tiniest details, have huge importance in delivering exceptional customer experience. Meticulous planning and attention to details is everything.

Today she assists her clients not only in interior design but project managing the build process, as well as being licensed in Dubai Municipality and Civil Defense for attaining completion certificates.

You can hear more from Constance Kabban on How do Interior Designers impact on the sustainability of an environment? at the Design Talks on 26th November, 13:00 - 13:45.