In talks with Maja Gligic-Bosse, Head of Landscape, Azizi Developments

Maja Gligic-Bosse
Maja Gligic-Bosse

Maja Gligic-Bosse will be speaking at the Architecture Talks during The Big 5 in November. Maja is the Head of Landscape at Azizi Developments, she will be sharing her insight on "Building Livable Communities Integrating Urban Landscape Architecture Design with rapidly changing Modern Living Demands"

How has architecture evolved over the years in the UAE?

Architecture in the UAE has faced different challenges throughout the years. New building technologies and materials have been introduced to the market.  There has been an overall trend towards green buildings and energy resource conservation has improved. All of this has increased pressure on architects, landscape architects and urban planners to develop sustainable design solutions.
Architecture has become more eclectic, combining contemporary design with a glimpse of the heritage touch. However, even the cityscape has evolved from accenting landmark architecture to architecture that serves the community.

What is sustainable architecture and how do you see it gain popularity in the next few years?

Whatever we build or create as humans, we are part of a large ecological system that reacts like any organism to change that is introduced to it. Sustainable architecture and landscape architecture overall are focusing on reducing the negative impacts of changes with forming new biomes that will “compensate” the loss of the natural once, as much as possible.
In the region, architecture is focusing on using adoptive planting material, less water consumption and different water sources, using materials with a high percentage of SRI and similar. Such actions help preserve water resources, reduce thermal discomfort and creation of heat islands and create healthier living environments.
It is also gaining popularity due to the population’s increased awareness about the environmental changes that have a huge impact not only locally, but globally as well.

According to you what are today’s top 3 trends in the region’s architecture.

1. Introduction of indoor attractions and indoor parks
2. 3D printing
3. Sustainable communities

In your opinion how is technology changing Architecture today?

Innovation in technology and building materials are contributing to a broad range of new ideas and opportunities. Architects are uninhibited from producing unusual building design that can be supported and constructed. From a landscape architecture point of view, the possibility of merging vertical green elements with high rise buildings is a field that just started to become attractive and is on the way to becoming standard in the future – this is all due to new technologies and innovation in construction.

What will be the key take away by the audience attending your talk?

We will focus on the role of landscape architecture in creating livable environments, highlighting the value of innovative landscape architecture that can sometimes be overlooked. At the same time, we will address how landscape architects can convey the right message to the public about the importance of sustainable architecture and sustainable living in general. Finally, we will focus on the importance of landscape architecture design in reducing social alienation by introducing various activities and amenities that bring people together and build happier places.

If you have attended The Big 5 show in the past, how would you say it would benefit construction industry professionals from attending the show?

The Big 5 is a great platform for introducing and exchanging new ideas and to catch-up with the latest trends in the industry.

You can hear more from Maja Gligic-Bosse on "Building Livable Communities Integrating Urban Landscape Architecture Design with rapidly changing Modern Living Demands" at the Architecture Talks on 27th November, 16:00 - 16:45.