Abdullah AlNuaimi: “UAE depends on innovative methods to develop its infrastructure”

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 — Dr. Abdullah AlNuaimi, UAE Minister of Infrastructure Development, will inaugurate the first ‘Big 5 Innovation in Precast Summit’ on November 26 at the Dubai World Trade Centre during The Big 5, which is supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.

Achieving a balanced and sustainable infrastructure development in line with the best international standards is one of the Ministry’s main missions, along with ensuring the completion of the national housing program. Precast concrete is a strategic component of our development plans and The Big 5 Innovation in Precast Summit will go a long way in advancing the infrastructure industry in the United Arab Emirates,” Dr. AlNuaimi said.

Precast technology plays an important role in achieving the Ministry’s initiatives and objectives, by moving forward the UAE infrastructure toward excellence: precast technology can boost the quality and speed of construction projects, and is widely employed for both infrastructure components (rail systems, highways and roads), and structural building and architecture components.

According to Dr. Abdullah  AlNuaimi, “Hosting such a summit highlights the role of the UAE in leading the change process to achieve a promising future in the field of infrastructure development, as it brings together decision makers and major international companies specialized in the sector, which offer the most advanced and innovative solutions.”

The Minister also added: “In the UAE, we are aware of the importance of developing infrastructure based on creative ideas, in line with the country's development over the past years, as well as its position on the global map for the coming years.”

Josine Heijmans, Portfolio Event Director of The Big 5, said: “We are extremely proud of the Ministry’s support to the Big 5 Innovation in Precast Summit, which confirms the growing importance of precast concrete in the infrastructure development of the United Arab Emirates. As cost-saving, durable and sustainable material, innovative precast solutions offer unprecedented opportunities in the built environment, which should not be underestimated”. 

A prelude to The Big 5 Heavy, running from 26 to 28 March 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, The Big 5 Innovation in Precast Summit will bring together internationally renowned precast experts and leading suppliers of concrete products for a two-day event tailored for the Middle East region. Taking place alongside the region’s largest and most influential construction event, The Big 5, the Summit will provide delegates with exclusive insights on the latest trends, technologies and techniques in precast concrete construction.

Organised in partnership with BetonTage, Europe's largest precast congress, the event will feature some of the world’s leaders in precast, including Elematic, Hard Precast, German Plant Experience, Columbia Machine, Weckenmann and Command Alcon. The Summit will also offer a high-level education agenda, spanning from structural design & innovation, to transformation technology, and sustainability and green buildings.  

The 38th edition of The Big 5 will run from 26 to 29 November at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The Big 5 Innovation in Precast Summit, running on 26 and 27 November, will be free to attend for all pre-approved delegates from the concrete industry. To find out more and register, visit

Dr. Abdullah AlNuaimi, UAE Minister of Infrastructure Development
Josine Heijmans, Portfolio Event Director of The Big 5
The Big 5 exhibition
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